Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And they say three is a charm

And so it's the kitties' third day here. So far so good, they're still alive and well. :)

Lyra is such a snugglebum. She enjoys being around human company. And she's so adorable when she hops, yes, she actually hops! She's my little bunny-kitty. <3

Some adorable pictures of Lyra's sleeping poses...

Isn't she just adorable? :D

Next up is some close-up shots of dear Pyro.

Oh before I start, let me explain how Pyro got his name. Ray and I were watching Simpsons and came across this two character named Pyro and Gyro... at least I think that's how you spell Gyro. Anyway, we thought that Oliver sounded too similar to Orion's name and that Pyro fitted him perfectly. So there you have it. Dear Ollie is now Pyro. :)

Another great news to update is that the kitties have finally 'adopted' Orion as their big brother! They're still slightly wary of that guy but accepts him as a part of their family.

Too bad Pyro is such a sore loser sometimes that he can't stand losing a wrestling match with Orion. That silly guy yowls like it's the end of the world.

Still... they make a great family eh? Now to consider a fourth baby to even out the number.
*rub hands with glee*

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My little darlings

Yes, I've switched back to Bloggers. It's still easier to use in my opinion and it's something that I'm familiar with. I guess Wordpress just isn't my style. Customising in Blogger is still way easier than WP.

Okay, enough about WP. For now. (:

Lyra and Oliver has settled in nicely and are currently being monsters, running around my room and messing everything up.

I can see their colours coming out nicely. Ollie has a wonderful red tone to his tail while Lyra's tortie colour is still developing. I've yet to see any blue around her face though, besides her ears.

Oliver has an annoying habit of biting my fingers to wake me up. Seems like the water gun is my friend for now. I need a tiny one to bring to bed, and it has to be good in quality. My current one is plasticky and drips whenever it is too full.

Anyway, here are some pictures of their second day here.

innocent looking Lyra

Lyra's true self

sniffing around in search for treats

what are you staring at?

kidding, i still love you. *purrs*

don't you just love those gorgeous blue eyes?
hopefully he'll maintain that wonderful colour

majestic ol' Ollie

That's it for now. Lyra's giving her pitiful meow and huge puppy eyes hoping that I'll give in and let her out of the room. (: